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5kitshgh.com reviews and customers

Review our service and get a small discount off your next order. 5kitshgh.com values the many reviews left by its satisfied customers, and also our customers who were not entirely happy with the service we provided to them. 5kitshgh.com values all our reviews both good and bad, the bad reviews tell us were we are going wrong and gives us valuable feedback and the opportunity to put it right.

We publish both the good and bad review

We don’t just publish the good reviews we receive on out website (thanks to everyone who left one) but we also show the average to bad ones. We do this because we believe in being totally open and honest with our customers. We believe by doing this and being open and transparent it will contribute to a better site.

We encourage customers to leave feedback

We ask our customers to leave feedback for us and actively encourage you to leave a review and tell us about your experience. However we will never pester you or constantly email you (like Amazon, Ebay etc) into spending your precious time writing reviews. There is nothing more annoying than somebody asking you to do this for no reward. So at 5kitshgh.com we are soon going to start a system were everyone has taken the time to leave a review (good or bad) will get $10 off their next purchase. We know its not much but its at least more than most of the bigger E-commerce sites offer. And its our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers who keep coming back to us, we know you have a choice.

We will be rolling this service out in the next couple of weeks. If you don’t want to take part simply let us know and we will not pester you with emails. just opt out.