Steroids Vs HGH

Can  we compare steroids with HGH and which is the best option?


The pros and cons of steroids and HGH


Anabolic steroids have been around for a long time now, relatively speaking. And their properties and capabilities are well known and understood amongst body builders and gym rats alike. There are many types of steroid on the market today and nearly all of them are forms of modified testosterone. There are steroids for cutting, building mass and increasing strength. However many of these steroids have some kind of downside in that they will all produce side effects in one form or another, and in varying degrees of severity. But, they will produce good results quickly.

HGH, on the other hand is quite new in that its only been able to be synthesised in useful amounts really rather recently. However, HGH is a substance that the body will produce naturally itself and so has less side effects and the severity of those side effects is more reduced than those of steroids.


Steroids Vs HGH get informed and make the right choice for you

There are many points to be considered when deciding if HGH or steroids are best for you. There are things like: price, side effects, availability, effectivity and length of time before the desired results arrive. A quick and cheap fix with steroids or a longer and more expensive, though higher quality course of HGH. Pictured are the anabolic steroid Anabol (dianabol) and Pfizer’s offering in the HGH market which is known as Genotropin.

A brief introduction to anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are just analogues of testosterone. This means chemists have altered slightly the actual testosterone molecule so it hangs around in the body for a length of time and so is more effective. Testosterone is normally cleared by the body on the first pass through the liver. This is why body builders do not inject pure testosterone. Slow release testosterone pellets can be implanted just under the skin to give a steady release of testosterone but this is not feasible for many athletes.

There are many different types of anabolic steroid and all have a characteristic property. If there is a particular something that you want to achieve in the gym the chances are you will find a steroid that will do it for you. There are injectable and oral steroids available. Injectable steroids produce less strain on the liver but are more convenient to use.


A brief introduction to HGH

HGH or human growth hormone is a protein made up of amino acids. Its medical name is Somatropin and its produced naturally in the human body. Interestingly the only way to get HGH until a few years ago was to harvest it from human cadavers. Nowadays we can make it in unlimited quantities in the lab. HGH will effect the body on may different levels. It will cause muscle growth and increase bone density. It can boost the immune system and remove fat. It promotes a positive cholesterol profile. It increases libido. It reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone. In fact its thought by some to be the fountain of youth. At higher doses its used to treat trauma and burns.


So what should you choose and which is the best?


Steroids are much cheaper than HGH. You could probably get yourself a good few months supply of steroids, with all the ancillaries to treat side effects for a few hundred dollars. HGH on the other hand is much more expensive. Depending on what brand you get it could be ten times the price of the equivalent steroid course.

With HGH there are savings to be made if you buy powders and reconstitute the powder yourself. But with branded HGH from the big pharmaceutical companies you are looking at serious money if you want to take it for prolonged periods.


HGH needs to be injected every day. The only good thing about this is that you van use micro needles or very fine insulin needles. Its quite a painless affair but its something to be aware of. Steroids on the other hand come in both the injectable and oral forms. Injectable steroids are oil based and so need a larger needle to manage this. Steroids injections are more painful but you will not need to do them every day.

Men and Women

Women can tolerate some steroids quite well such as winstrol and anavar. However some steroids like Testosterone Enanthate will produce strong masculinising effects. The are said to be androgenic. HGH on the other hand can be safely used by both sexes. This is because its produced naturally in both men and women and so its not considered androgenic for women.

Side effects

There are less side effects associated with HGH than there are with steroids. With steroids there are a host of ancillary products that need to be taken alongside the steroids to deal with the side effects. HGH can be taken without such precautions.  Though at very high doses HGH has been known to produce protruding bones in the face and hands. But body builders need not worry about this as they would never take HGH at these levels.

Impotence and balding

Not pleasant subjects but they should be mentioned. When men take steroids their natural testosterone production is “switched off”. This is because the body thinks that its producing too much testosterone because of the steroids. When you finish the steroid course you will have a couple of weeks where your body will not be producing any natural testosterone and will also no steroids in the blood stream. Its during this time a man will have virtually no sex drive and may be unable to get an erection. This is only a temporary effect and drugs such as arimidex can shorten this period.

Steroids cal also cause baldness in men but only if you are already prone to baldness. HGH will not cause baldness or impotence.

In Conclusion

So which is the best product. Well we appreciate that people will choose either steroids or HGH for their own personal reasons. However if price is no object HGH is clearly better. Not only does it build muscle and take off fat buy also had many added benefits. These include slowing the ageing process and improving a host of other health aspects such as the immune system etc. HGH will not have the side effects that steroids are linked with.




HGH and Multiple Sclerosis

Can human growth hormone be used to treat Multiple Sclerosis?

HGH can benefit Multiple Sclerosis sufferers in a number of ways

It has often been suggested that taking HGH supplements may of beneficial to those suffering from the terrible wasting disease Multiple Sclerosis. Firstly it has been demonstrated that HGH can help with remyelination which is adversely effected by MS which causes this process to become inefficient and unpredictable. In a study in Germany DR Stoppe observed that in a test group of 25 patients 21 of those showed increased remyelination as shown in MRI scans. Inflammation was also shown to be significantly reduced in this test group. Generally the patients said that they felt generally better on the whole than when not taking HGH supplements. This was not true of the group given the placebo which did not show any increase in remyelination or report an increase in overall wellbeing.

HGH does help rebuild atrophied muscles

according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society HGH can also rebuild muscle as well as significantly improving cognitive function. Its also improved peoples tolerance to exercise which has been shown to be beneficial to MS sufferers. HGH was shown to particularly effective during remission periods and during physical exercise periods. It increased muscle mass in slow progression MS sufferers but significantly increased muscle build up in those suffering with the fast progression form of the disease, which was particularly encouraging.

Its known that HGH produces increased amounts of IGF1 in the system and this is whats primarily responsible for building quality lean muscle. Medical researchers now almost all conclusively agree that increased IGF1 levels cause muscle regrowth in MS sufferers. HGH also has the added benefit of increasing remyelination and so attacks the disease on two fronts. The evidence for this is that MS sufferers have correlating lower levels of IGF1 and HGH than is found in those not with the disease. When increasing HGH and therefore IGF1 levels to normal levels (or above) was when most improvement was observed. This was especially true in older subjects whose HGH levels would be lower anyway purely because of their age.

HGH can improve the immune system of HGH sufferers

While its known that MS is an auto immune disease which causes the body to attack its very own myelin  its reasonable to conclude that strengthening the immune system would also increase the onset of the disease. This has been proved now not to be the case and that a strong immune system is helpful on the whole.

HGH has been shown to be helpful in alleviating most (but not all) symptoms of MS

HGH can help with most but not all symptoms of MS

HGH can help with clumsiness and muscle weakness in MS

By strengthening and increasing the amount of muscle as well as encouraging the remyelination in MS sufferers clumsiness and weakness levels were shown to be improved after 20 days on 2iu HGH per day. The longer the patient took HGH the greater the improvement until a levelling off was seen at approximately 3 months after which no further improvemt in this area was noted.

Users also reported a reduction in the frequency of  Lhermitte’s syndrome. Although no improvement was seen with regards to sight problems caused by optic nerve damage.

In Conclusion

Several studies have now shown increased levels of HGH to help with with several aspects of multiple sclerosis. These include, increased muscle mass, steadier movements and less clumsiness, improved immune system, greater remyelination as well as increasing the duration of physical activity.


How to make a payment using bitcoin

How to pay using bitcoin

We assume that you have already purchased some bitcoin. If not you can do it here We also make the payment from a wallet at

Video described

  1. Log into your localbitcoins account (or whatever wallet you are using)
  2. Click on your wallet (this is in the top right corner in our example)
  3. Enter the bitcoin address you want to send to. We will provide you with this.
  4. Decide what currency you want to use (you can also just send in bitcoin BTC)
  5. Enter amount ($1 in our example)
  6. Hit continue

You may also have 2 Factor Authentication 2FA on your account. This is an extra security step (highly recommended saves you from phishing sites)

7. Hit send from wallet

Thats it. Easy!


How to buy bitcoins


We are dedicated to providing quality medications in a safe and private way, while retaining your privacy. In keeping with that philosophy, we recommend Bitcoin payments. It is fast and anonymous.

Bitcoin is an anonymous currency because it is possible to send and receive bitcoins without giving any personally identifying information.
Bitcoin is a digital money made for Internet, and isn’t based on physical bill or commodity. Customers can use their wallets to quickly to send Bitcoin payments of any size, for a small fee.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are stored in a digital wallet and per transaction a unique electronic signature is added, which will then be verified by a minor and will then be permanently stored in a network.

In order to buy Bitcoins, you must have an available wallet to store your coins in. There are two forms of a Bitcoin wallet; an online version and an offline version. An online Bitcoin wallet makes transactions easy and simple.

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Buy Bitcoins via cash or bank transfer

LocalBitcoins (Recommended most private)

LocalBitcoins allows sellers and buyers who are located nearby to meet and exchange Bitcoins through various methods including cash, wire transfer, Paypal, Paym, Pingit, Skrill and many more. Local Bitcoins offers a Bitcoin escrow service that holds the funds until the transaction is complete, therefore reducing fraud.


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Buy Bitcoins via credit card


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Protect yourself and use bitcoin

We know all this can sound a little confusing. So when you pay by bitcoin you must check that the bitcoin address you send any payment to is the one below.


From now on we will use only this address to take bitcoin payments. This will show any customers that they are on the correct website. Not many people at the moment pay with bitcoin. But it is worth using it on our website because of the generous incentives we give for using it. We offer a 20% discount to those using bitcoin.

This also means you wont be hit with any western union or exorbitant charges. Bitcoin can be a little daunting the first time you use it but after that it becomes really rather easy. You can send money anywhere worldwide for a pittance of the price any other money sender charges, typically just a few cents. And as an added security bonus you will know that if you are using the bitcoin address above you will have landed on the genuine website and not that of the 5kits imposter.

5kits imposter is located in China

You can also protect yourself by not sending any money to China. If you want to use western union and don’t like the idea of using bitcoin, don’t send any money to China. This is where all stolen payments have gone to in the past. This may change in the future but for now treat somebody asking you to send western union payments to China as a big red light.


5Kits and Scammers

Of course people need to be wary when buying any product from the internet and especially so when buying controlled drugs such as HGH and steroids  because of scammers. is absolutely committed to routing out these con men and providing a first class legit service to its customers. In fact has itself been hit by an imposter using our brand name and ruining our reputation. The 5kits scammer mostly uses the website as well as others. This in turn has caused some confusion and we have been associated with him.

If you are ordering from 5kits make sure the website you are ordering from is and not any other. If you order from you wont have any problems from the scammer out there. Never send any money to China. The 5kits scammers are a Chinese gang. Never send western union to China, this is a big warning sign if they ask for this. Any other country is fine.

Western union and bitcoin scammer and legit

Steroid and HGH sellers (as well as those using the darknet) will often ask for payment in bitcoin or via western union. Often potential customers will ask, “why can’t I use paypal so my purchase is safe”.  Well the simple answer to this is that HGH and steroids are controlled drugs. Therefore sellers have to take payments via bitcoin or western union to protect themselves from being apprehended by law enforcement. Especially the DEA.  Also the AFT. We cant take payments by credit cards or paypal simply because they are so easily traceable.

And yes scammers will also use these methods but legitimate HGH steroid sellers such as will use these methods too. This is because they have to. There is at present no other choice for us. So apart from scammers genuine HGH merchants such as ourselves will also ask for payment to be made in this way because we have no other options.

Where can I buy genuine HGH

Where can I buy quality HGH without being scammed or buying bunk gear?

There are four main sources when it comes to getting your hands on, or being able to buy HGH.

  1. From a pharmacy with a doctors prescription
  2. From a pharmacy without a doctors prescription (usually in a country with less regulation)
  3. From, friends such as at the gym or a local dealer, someone coming back from holiday with some goodies etc..
  4. Buy HGH online from a trusted website

1.The first on the list is usually the most difficult and most expensive way to buy HGH. Firstly the Doctor will not give you a prescription just because you ask him (unless you are Michael Jackson). You will usually only get a prescription if there is a medical need for the HGH. Such as someone suffering with a growth hormone deficiency (GHD).  Body building and anti-ageing are not considered medical uses for HGH. Of course you may know a friendly doctor who will write a prescription for you. If you are in Europe and you get a prescription you will probably get it free under the local health system rather than having to buy the HGH yourself.

2. This is one of the best ways of getting decent HGH. If you have a little knowledge of the country you are going to. Several countries have pharmacies which will sell you HGH without a prescription. This could be because they are corrupt and don’t care what you want it for. They will sell you anything if you pay enough. Or it could be that the laws are different in that country and a script is not really needed for HGH. Thailand is a good example of this. You can buy HGH in certain licensed pharmacies but you must know which ones to go to.  The pharmacies there usually have to pay a little sweetener to a government official to get the necessary licence (corruption). Turkey, Russia, Mexico and China are other countries where its easier to buy HGH in a pharmacy.

3. The biggest guys at the gym are nearly always using HGH or steroids or both. You can always ask them where they got theirs and if they can get you some. This is obviously fraught with problems. What if they think you are setting them up? And of course you would have to know them pretty well to bring up the topic of HGH. And, especially where to buy it. Then of course you may have a local dealer who can get it, These though are quite few and far between as its not like contacting the local cannabis dealer. There are just not that many HGH dealers around. Another way is to ask somebody coming back from a country that sells HGH to get some for you. They can either carry it back with them. Depending on the laws of the country they are bringing it back to (Such as the UK where its legal to bring it back). Or if they don’t want to do that, they could just post it back to you. At least you know its been posted.

4. There are hundreds of websites online offering to sell you HGH. A lot of them are scam websites who wont send anything or sell you low grade HGH. This is a pity because there are decent websites out there who will provide a decent service and are just after a making a profit from happy returning customers. We know of several websites at present who offer such as service such as ourselves. If we do not have the product you want we are often asked (do you know where I can it?) However experience has told us that printing a list of good HGH websites can be unhelpful. This is because it needs to be an up to date list, let me explain. Some websites start off good and then get bad reviews, maybe someone else has taken over etc. Or it could be that the website has just decided to start scamming people for whatever reason. We would not want to give out any website names here only to find they have scammed someone. If you want a product we do not stock we will do our best to refer you to someone else. We do not take any responsibility though for the conduct of third part HGH websites.

Getropin HGH reviews

Getropin HGH

Information at a glance

  • Manufactured by: Unknown Chinese Lab
  • In production since: 2006-up to present day
  • Originating from: China, Chongqing
  • Cost: $2-$5 per IU
  • HGH variant: 191/192? amino acid
  • Purity: 3/5
  • Availability: 4/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Getropin started to become very popular back in 2008 and has remained so ever since. Its availability and price were the best selling point about this brand of HGH. It comes from China, where most underground HGH comes from but its remained a favourite of body builders worldwide so the makers must be doing something right.

The blue tops on Getropin have lead some users to conclude its re-labeled generic HGH

There have been some slight issues with purity.  Or perceived issues at least. Some batches of getropin (though not all) seem to have caused an immune response in some users, this manifested itself in causing a redness near the injection site. This could have been caused either by the getropin not being properly purified after production (recombinant HGH production uses bacteria to make the product) or it could have contained some of the older style 192 amino acid variant of HGH. Its more likely though that there was some problems with purification and some bacterial cellular debris had been  left in the final product rather than 192 contamination. We say this because the problem seemed to affect only one batch back in 2010. Since there would be no point in using the old method of making HGH (the 192 method) then returning  to the better 191 method, we say it was probably a purification problem. In any case we haven’t heard of any problems with it for several years now.

Getropin had some quality issues back in 2010 which seem to be sorted now

Getropin comes in boxes of 10x10iu vials with the accompanying water to mix it with. The vials are blue tops and this has led some users to say that in fact getropin is a high quality generic HGH product that has just been relabelled as getropin. If this is the case then this would explain the very decent price tag. And, as long as it seems to be of good quality and without any purification issues we see no reason not to use it.

Glotropin unbiased info and reviews

Glotropin HGH

Information at a glance

  • Manufactured by: Global Biotech/Global Anabolic
  • In production since: 2005-up to present day
  • Originating from: Probably China
  • Cost: $4-$10 per IU
  • HGH variant: 191 amino acid
  • Purity: 4/5
  • Availability: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Theres some confusion as to who is the actual manufacturer of Glotropin. It used to be Global Biotech Ltd now it seems to be manufactured by Global Anabolic Org. In any case its Global something because of the prefix (Glo)tropin. In truth its probably an underground Chinese lab re-labelled as  something (Glotropin) to give it a brand name and make it a more sellable product.

Glotropin is particularly prevalent in Thailand and its possible to buy it over the counter in certain licensed pharmacies without prescription. If you are buying it from a Thai pharmacy try and make sure its been stored properly i.e at the correct temperature. I have seen it stacked behind the counter in some pharmacies at the wrong temperature which could cause some degradation. The quality is actually quite good and there have been no major reports of any problems with contamination. It comes in different packs of 10x4iu and 10x8iu vials.

Glotropin 10x8iu

Glotropin is 191 amino acid variant HGH so there should be no problems with contamination or rejection.  In serum tests good results are reported with high IGF-1 and  growth hormone levels. As you already know, the main purpose of HGH is to produce high levels of IGF-1 which accounts for most of the effects of human growth hormone and Glotropin  produces  high levels of the hormone as shown by the below serum tests.

In summary Glotropin could seem to be a really good buy judging by the reviews and serum tests. It just doesn’t have the brand recognition of other more well know human growth hormone brands.

HGH speeds recovery post surgery

HGH can help post surgery or after serious injury

HGH boosts the healing processes of the body making recovery after serious injury or an operation quicker

Its been established now for some time that human growth hormone will quicken the healing process by increasing the rate at which new tissue is formed. Burns victims have been treated in this way for some time. This is because its crucial to get new growth of skin as quickly as possible in these cases. Now HGH is also being used to speed up recovery of sports injuries.

HGH can help post surgery or after serious injury

HGH will speed up healing of cartilage, ligaments and tendons

Its often the ligaments which connect bone to bone, or the tendons which connect bone to muscle, which are torn during any sports injury. HGH can help because it speeds up the time it takes for this connective tissue to regenerate. Obviously the time it takes these types of injuries to heal is crucial to sports people as well as non sports type people. This is because the limb must be kept immobilised for the tissue to regenerate. Anything which can speed up this regeneration is therefore highly desirable. HGH will also increase the regeneration of cartilage. This is desirable in those wishing to look younger as it plumps out the features, but its also very useful in cartilage injuries.

HGH speeds up healing by increasing IGF-1

IGF-1 is produced in the liver in response to the presence of HGH. Its this IGF-1 which increases cartilage and bone regeneration than would normally be seen. Successful examples of injuries treated by HGH therapy include Joe Root. Joe Root was 50 years old when he smashed his hip and broke his femur in a motocross race in 2000. His doctor told him he would be over 9 months in recuperation. Just 8 weeks after the accident he was back racing thanks to HGH treatment. HGH-accelerated injury recovery has also been used for other sports stars notably former rugby player Grant Hyde.

Grant Hyde tried HGH in Thailand. “It worked for me when nothing else would” he says

IGF-1 Therefore HGH powers the formation of new cartilage, bone and connective tissue essential in healing sports injuries

HGH has been shown time and time again to dramatically shorten recovery times after injury or surgery. It aids the formation of cartilage, bone, ligament and tendon tissue.