Beware the 5kits imposter is and is currently waging a war with an imposter is the legit 5kits website. and are imposters who took advantage of our good brand name to steal from our customers. If you are buying from the 5kits website and you google us. Make sure that the website you order form is Any other website is a scammer imposter. They will steal your money. We will do everything possible at our disposal to protect our customers.

Protect yourself and use bitcoin

We know all this can sound a little confusing. So when you pay by bitcoin you must check that the bitcoin address you send any payment to is the one below.


From now on we will use only this address to take bitcoin payments. This will show any customers that they are on the correct website. Not many people at the moment pay with bitcoin. But it is worth using it on our website because of the generous incentives we give for using it. We offer a 20% discount to those using bitcoin.

This also means you wont be hit with any western union or exorbitant charges. Bitcoin can be a little daunting the first time you use it but after that it becomes really rather easy. You can send money anywhere worldwide for a pittance of the price any other money sender charges, typically just a few cents. And as an added security bonus you will know that if you are using the bitcoin address above you will have landed on the genuine website and not that of the 5kits imposter.

5kits imposter is located in China

You can also protect yourself by not sending any money to China. If you want to use western union and don’t like the idea of using bitcoin, don’t send any money to China. This is where all stolen payments have gone to in the past. This may change in the future but for now treat somebody asking you to send western union payments to China as a big red light.

How do I know who is the real 5kits?  was the original site

A long time ago we started the 5kits brand. If you were looking to buy quality HGH on the web you would find us at some point. was going strong but because a .com domain comes under the jurisdiction of the USA it became quite easy for big pharma to have us taken down. Legit script was the government body responsible for this. Nowadays its much harder for a .com domain to be taken down just because legit script demand it.

real 5 kits
The real 5 kits

Anyway they took down our original website. In the meantime before we got any new website up and running somebody copied our brand name. The imposter registered and He started targeting our returning customers who thought they were dealing with us. So by the time we got our new website up and running our name was already (unbeknownst to us) being tarnished.

How do I know who was the first and therefore genuine?

Fortunately this is quite simple. You just have to check the dates that (our original site) was registered. You can see by the dates on any whois lookup that it was the first. and are all registered after this date.So you can see we had the original site before having to move to our new website This is a natural progression.

Please be warned

We often get people emailing us and asking where is my order? They do this only to find that they have ordered from (usually and not us at the genuine website. Inevitably though some of this mud sticks. Some forums have mistakenly blamed us for scamming them only to realise it was So we would ask anyone to pease be aware and to check that the domain name you order from is, otherwise you will be guaranteed to lose your money.

Real 5 kits