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Review our service and get a small discount off your next order. 5kitshgh.com values the many reviews left by its satisfied customers, and also our customers who were not entirely happy with the service we provided to them. 5kitshgh.com values all our reviews both good and bad, the bad reviews tell us were we are going wrong and gives us valuable feedback and the opportunity to put it right.

We publish both the good and bad review

We don’t just publish the good reviews we receive on out website (thanks to everyone who left one) but we also show the average to bad ones. We do this because we believe in being totally open and honest with our customers. We believe by doing this and being open and transparent it will contribute to a better site.

We encourage customers to leave feedback

We ask our customers to leave feedback for us and actively encourage you to leave a review and tell us about your experience. However we will never pester you or constantly email you (like Amazon, Ebay etc) into spending your precious time writing reviews. There is nothing more annoying than somebody asking you to do this for no reward. So at 5kitshgh.com we are soon going to start a system were everyone has taken the time to leave a review (good or bad) will get $10 off their next purchase. We know its not much but its at least more than most of the bigger E-commerce sites offer. And its our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers who keep coming back to us, we know you have a choice.

We will be rolling this service out in the next couple of weeks. If you don’t want to take part simply let us know and we will not pester you with emails. just opt out.

Glotropin unbiased info and reviews

Glotropin HGH

Information at a glance

  • Manufactured by: Global Biotech/Global Anabolic
  • In production since: 2005-up to present day
  • Originating from: Probably China
  • Cost: $4-$10 per IU
  • HGH variant: 191 amino acid
  • Purity: 4/5
  • Availability: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Theres some confusion as to who is the actual manufacturer of Glotropin. It used to be Global Biotech Ltd now it seems to be manufactured by Global Anabolic Org. In any case its Global something because of the prefix (Glo)tropin. In truth its probably an underground Chinese lab re-labelled as  something (Glotropin) to give it a brand name and make it a more sellable product.

Glotropin is particularly prevalent in Thailand and its possible to buy it over the counter in certain licensed pharmacies without prescription. If you are buying it from a Thai pharmacy try and make sure its been stored properly i.e at the correct temperature. I have seen it stacked behind the counter in some pharmacies at the wrong temperature which could cause some degradation. The quality is actually quite good and there have been no major reports of any problems with contamination. It comes in different packs of 10x4iu and 10x8iu vials.

Glotropin 10x8iu

Glotropin is 191 amino acid variant HGH so there should be no problems with contamination or rejection.  In serum tests good results are reported with high IGF-1 and  growth hormone levels. As you already know, the main purpose of HGH is to produce high levels of IGF-1 which accounts for most of the effects of human growth hormone and Glotropin  produces  high levels of the hormone as shown by the below serum tests.

In summary Glotropin could seem to be a really good buy judging by the reviews and serum tests. It just doesn’t have the brand recognition of other more well know human growth hormone brands.

Dianabol oral steroid info

Dianabol Explained

Dianabol is perhaps the most well-known oral anabolic steroid currently on the market. Sometimes known as “D-Ball” or simply “D”, this substance can actually be traced as far back as 1956. It was initially developed to be used by Olympic athletes during competitions against the Soviet Union. Due to considerably large gains in both strength and endurance, Dianabol quickly spread into the worlds of bodybuilding and weight training. During the 1970s, many famous bodybuilders would use this supplement during their pre-contest competition preparations. In fact, Dianabol was the most prevalent steroid during the so-called “golden age” of bodybuilding. So, what are some of its main advantages?


Danabol DS is just another brand name for dianabol

Use Without Other Steroids

“Stacking” is quite common in the bodybuilding world; added size and strength can often be increased even further when two or more substances are used in synergy. However, the chemical nature of Dianabol enables it to be used alone. This is quite rare and in many ways, less of a long-term danger is posed when compared to the stresses that the body can be placed under when using multiple oral doses or injections.

Fat-Free Mass

From the point of view of the user, the primary advantage that is seen with Dianabol is its innate ability to add lean muscular mass without the fat. While all steroids will increase protein synthesis, it also has the effect of bolstering what is known as glycogenesis. In simpler terms, this signifies that the carbohydrates which enter into the body can be used more efficiently. Thus, higher levels of energy can be enjoyed during difficult workout sessions. So, Dianabol is extremely effective when an athlete is within a bulking phase.

SB labs also make a decent dianabol product

Nitrogen Retention

We must also recognise that nitrogen plays an important role in building muscle. As it is directly involved in the transport of nutrients into the muscle tissue, this advantage becomes obvious. However, nitric oxide is also a powerful substance which dilates blood vessels. This will further aid in oxygen transport. While there are several natural supplements which mimic this effect, Dianabol is much stronger of a means to bolster nitrogen retention.

The Role in Dieting

Although most athletes will prefer a rather “clean” diet, this can place an additional amount of stress upon the muscles of the body. When they are starved of calories and carbohydrates, catabolism may occur. In simpler terms, this signifies that the body may actually begin breaking down muscle in order to produce the energy that is necessary to meet rigourous demands. Dianabol will help counteract this possibility which is another reason why it is frequently used during one’s “cutting” phase before a show. Also, the aforementioned advantage of enabling greater levels of glycogenesis will help one to not feel fatigued during particularly difficult time periods.

Bridging the Gap

It is very normal for one to cycle steroids; this can be defined in terms of weeks or months. Once one cycles down, the lack of some steroids can have the effect of reducing levels of strength or size. Dianabol can be used to “bridge” the gap between two cycles. Why is this so important? Should it be employed, one can rest assured that any gains made will be left intact until the next cycle begins. Once a new cycle commences, the Dianabol can either be taken alongside other chemicals or entirely replaced with a similar compound.

Stacking with Dianabol

While we have already seen that Dianabol can be taken alone, most will opt to stack it with other options. However, another distinct advantage here is that a cutting agent will not normally be needed (such as Clenbuterol, for example). This is considered much safer than larger steroid “cocktails” that always run the risk of somewhat adverse short-term side effects. Thus, Dianabol can be seen as safer when used in a stack. In fact, it is not entirely uncommon for one to forgo any fat reducer and instead combine Dianabol with a testosterone booster such as Sustanon.

The Oral Edge

A final factor that should be mentioned is that when taken in the appropriate dosages, an oral steroid can be viewed as being safer than an injection. There are less chances of liver or kidney damage and as opposed to an injection, the levels of water retention are lower (this will naturally depend upon one’s diet as well).

So, it is clear to appreciate some of the most pronounced benefits when cycling with oral Dianabol. Like any such substance, it should be taken only by those who are informed and have sought out the opinion of trained experts in the field. Still, the results which can be observed are indeed impressive. These are some of the primary reasons why Dianabol has been enjoyed for well over fifty years.

Kigtropin reviews and information


Information at a glance

  • Manufactured by: God Know’s who
  • In production since: 2010-up to present day
  • Originating from: China
  • Cost: $2-$5 per IU
  • HGH variant: 191 amino acid (supposedly)
  • Purity: 1/5–4/5
  • Availability: 4/5
  • Value for money: 2/5

The thing about Kigtropin, as with many of these underground lab HGH, is that when it started out it was quite good. It was probably an offshoot of a major Chinese HGH  company which decided to try and make their own product.  But because Kigtropin was a bit of a mystery and not much known about the manufacturers, then the fakers were able to take advantage of this.  Counterfeiters were able to take generic unbranded HGH from China and repackage it as Kigtropin.  So its early success and good reviews became its achilles heal.

Trying to spot the genuine from fake product can be a nightmare. Kigtropin usually has a blue top on them but there have been some green top versions which could possibly be Igtropin (IGF-1)

kigtropin reviews
Kigtropin nearly always has blue tops. Be wary if you see any with green tops


Real Kigtropin with blue tops

On this website we generally just try to give unbiased information and let the reader decide what to do about using the stuff. In this case though we would say avoid it to keep on the safe side. If you do buy it, there is a very good chance you will get a decent product. You could also get bunk. So for the price you are paying you could get a similar product which is much less likely to be faked or have any dangerous impurities.

Genuine Kigtropin order from us

This is why we have been deliberately vague when giving scores for the quality of Kigtropin. The first batches to hit the market were good, there is no doubt about that. When the fakers arrived even some of those were good, but a lot were garbage. Its a bit like “The Dread Pirate Roberts” there have been that many versions no one knows who the original is!!

Jintropin Gensci reviews and information


Information at a glance

  • Manufactured by: GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Jinsai)
  • In production since: 1997-up to present day
  • Originating from: China
  • Cost: $2-$5 per IU
  • HGH variant: 191 amino acid
  • Purity: 5/5
  • Availability: 4/5
  • Value for money: 5/5

Jintropin is still the foremost freeze dried powdered HGH on the market today. Jintropin is unequaled in terms of purity and potency and  beyond compare to all the other imitators which tried to steal its crown when it ceased production  temporarily several years ago. Brands such as hypertropin and hygetropin tried to fill the void but in truth were no match for the outstanding HGH product which is Jintropin.

Jintropin has been a favourite with body builders for many years years now. This has been for several reasons: its ability to build high quality muscle fibre, reduction of body fat and improved body metabolism.  Although body builders were the first to use it for non-medical purposes, the anti-ageing society soon recognised its qualities and so it became popular with them.

Production of this preeminent HGH product came to a halt temporarily around 2007 for a couple of years due to pressure from big western pharmaceutical companies. Thankfully now though it is back in full production from its suspension.

Mr. Qinglin Jia, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC, visited GenSci on Oct.19, 2008.

GenSci (Jinsai) is no underground lab like most of the other products on the market.

GenSci (GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd)  was first established in 1996. GenSci’s manufacturing facility is located in one of  the major national biomedical centres, in China, this is the Changchun High-Tech Development Zone, GenSci’s production factory covers over 21,000 sq.m. of land with a 10,000 sq.m. production area. It is probably the largest and best-equipped molecular biology productions companies in China. Gensci is one of the premier genetic engineering pharmaceutical companies in China, GenSci is also the largest manufacturer of recombinant human growth hormone in Asia. Its branded product – GenLei® Jintropin® is the choice for synthetic human growth hormone in China. GenSci has been rapidly growing for 19 years since its inception, and has become one of the top biological pharmaceuticals businesses in China.

jintropin best hgh
gensci factory jintropin
GenSci’s production facility is located in the Changchun High-Tech Development Zone were Jintropin is made as well as other products.

Jintropin will not cause any rejection problems as it is extremely pure

A lot of other brands of freeze dried HGH products out there today contain small amounts of growth hormone still made by the old 192 amino acid method. Even small amounts of this product can cause your body to raise anti-bodies to your own natural growth hormone and cause problems. Jintropin is extremely pure and therefore rejection is not a concern.

5kits Jintropin Jintropin from GenSci is one of the cleanest somatropin products there is


Kits of Jintropin