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Came quickly as other reviews said it would

“The items were delivered once again inside the 3 days quoted. I have ordered from Zhao now it must be a total of 9 times and only had a problem with one order. Which was quickly resolved to my complete satisfaction. He gets repeat good reviews and I have no problem doing the same. I have ordered now numerous times from and reckon I always will. Keep up the great work Zhao and thanks for the free gift, much appreciated” Joe, Tampa Florida”

Packaging was excellent

“As all the reviews say Zhao and deliver the goods shipped from within the USA. Its much appreciated that the items do not have to pass customs which can cause problems with seizures and prosecutions etc. I was a little cautious at first when ordering but I needn’t have worried. Order came in perfect condition and cold packaged as I requested” Don Michigan”

Order was pending for 5 days

“My order seemed to be on hold for quite a long time, wasn’t too worried as I have ordered in the past and had no problems. Good website but could probably do with a contact phone number to see whats happening with orders. “Jordan Postal code: 30566 USA” Reply: Sorry for the delay. The western union payment got blocked as sometimes happens. Its best to use bitcoin as its fast and problem free. We will often dispatch the same day as you order when you pay using this method”

Zhao will not let you down

Ordering items to Australia can be a problem. Customs are so strict. When I ordered I took up the offer of insurance to safeguard my investment. It wasn’t needed as I got the order OK. None-the-less I was glad I got it. “Niklaus-Sydney Australia”

Got my order Quickly

‘Received my order within 3 days of the payment being picked up. Now I feel comfortable ordering the bulk shipment I wanted. Great website, great comms. Reviews were correct. Now I just have to get my head around bitcoin for next order.  Testimonial By: Anurag — Middlesex, , United Kingdom


Kigtropin reviews and information


Information at a glance

  • Manufactured by: God Know’s who
  • In production since: 2010-up to present day
  • Originating from: China
  • Cost: $2-$5 per IU
  • HGH variant: 191 amino acid (supposedly)
  • Purity: 1/5–4/5
  • Availability: 4/5
  • Value for money: 2/5

The thing about Kigtropin, as with many of these underground lab HGH, is that when it started out it was quite good. It was probably an offshoot of a major Chinese HGH  company which decided to try and make their own product.  But because Kigtropin was a bit of a mystery and not much known about the manufacturers, then the fakers were able to take advantage of this.  Counterfeiters were able to take generic unbranded HGH from China and repackage it as Kigtropin.  So its early success and good reviews became its achilles heal.

Trying to spot the genuine from fake product can be a nightmare. Kigtropin usually has a blue top on them but there have been some green top versions which could possibly be Igtropin (IGF-1)

kigtropin reviews
Kigtropin nearly always has blue tops. Be wary if you see any with green tops


Real Kigtropin with blue tops

On this website we generally just try to give unbiased information and let the reader decide what to do about using the stuff. In this case though we would say avoid it to keep on the safe side. If you do buy it, there is a very good chance you will get a decent product. You could also get bunk. So for the price you are paying you could get a similar product which is much less likely to be faked or have any dangerous impurities.

Genuine Kigtropin order from us

This is why we have been deliberately vague when giving scores for the quality of Kigtropin. The first batches to hit the market were good, there is no doubt about that. When the fakers arrived even some of those were good, but a lot were garbage. Its a bit like “The Dread Pirate Roberts” there have been that many versions no one knows who the original is!!

Serostim reviews, info and ratings


Information at a glance

  • Manufactured by:MD Serono, Inc. is a subsidiary of Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany
  • In production since: 2006-up to present day
  • Originating from: USA/Europe
  • Cost: $7-$14per IU
  • HGH variant: 191 amino acid
  • Purity: 5/5
  • Availability: 3/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Serostim was originally meant to rectify muscle wastage due to HIV infection but it can be used for body building and slowing the ageing process. Serostim is used for the treatment of HIV patients with muscle wasting  (cachexia) so to increase lean body mass and weight, and to improve physical ability and endurance.

It can be injected conventionally by filling up a syringe with the diluent and injecting the liquid into the vial containing the serostim powder. This must be done carefully and there is a video showing how to do it correctly on the website. Interestingly the company also produce a needle-less somatropin delivery system. This cool click system does not use a needle but forces the drug painlessly through the skin.

serostim pen
The cool click serostim pen doesn’t use needles

The above cool click pens are obviously very hard to replicate so there doesn’t seem to be a problem with this item regarding fakes and counterfeits. However there can be some problems with the conventional vials. The vials are much easier to fake as some unscrupulous characters have been relabelling generic Chinese HGH from underground labs as genuine Serostim.

real serostim
A genuine box of Serostim


Serono Serostim vials. The vials come in several different sizes

As you can see by the above boxes, the fakes are pretty easy to spot. If you do get hold of the genuine product you will get great results from it. Its made under strict controls so is as perfect as you can get it. Its made using the recombinant method in which bacteria secrete the HGH and then the product is purified downstream.  This gives for a pure and potent product.