Proviron, a steroid which blocks eostrogen

Proviron is often used as an anti-estrogen

Buy Proviron (Mesterolone)  is actually a weak steroid. It doesn’t really have any anabolic activity to speak of but it is androgenic. It will increase the male characteristics, it will also increase the libido and the sperm count. So how can an androgenic steroid help stop other more anabolic steroids being converted to estrogen?

Well no body really knows for sure but the common belief (which is most probably correct) is that the proviron binds to the aromatase enzyme preventing it converting other anabolic steroids to estrogen. Because proviron cannot convert to estrogen itself it doesnt matter how how much the aromatase enzyme works on it.

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Buy Proviron to help increase testosterone

Proviron will also help increase the amount of free testosterone in the body. Because a lot of the natural testosterone is attached to proteins it is not able to act in the way it was meant to. Proviron will bind with these proteins instead on so leave the free testosterone to circulate in the blood. Because proviron can increase the levels of free testosterone it is also used as an impotence treatment.

Proviron will help stop the post steroid crash

Because after a steroid cycle there will be little or no testosterone in the system. Any testosterone there will be bound up with proteins. The proviron will instead bind to these proteins and free up any testosterone available. This can be a great help when your testes arent producing a great deal of testosterone. The testosterone that is produced will be available for use.

Buy proviron it will stop estrogen formation caused by other steroids

Proviron Dosage

The recommended dosage for bodybuilders is about 25mg every day. This can be taken alongside any other anabolic steroids. This will help prevent build up of estroge. It will also help boost the androgenic component of steroids like Deca Durabolin if this is whats required.

Test Enanthate is powerful, side effects can be a concern

Buy Testosterone Enanthate

Test Enanthate


Test E

The most popular and most androgenic of the injectable testosterones, testoviron is a powerful steroid hormone, the dosage is usually 250mg-750mg per week. Side effects can become an issue here so its best to take this product with some provironum during and nolvadex at the end of the course. Being an injectable ester there is little to worry about as regards the liver. Can be stacked with deca, sustanon and many other steroids. Buy Testoviron as a base for other steroid stacks.

Testoviron (Testosterone Enanthate)

Test Enanthate is the most commonly used form of testosterone  used by both body builders and athletes. Its also one of the most commonly prescribed testosterone injections for the treatment of low testosterone in men. In testosterone replacement Test E will increase muscle mass and masculinise the user. Because Test Enanthate is rather high on the scale of androgenic substances. Its as near to pure testosterone as you can get.

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Body Builders buy Testoviron to stack with other steroids

Test E can be taken alone but more often than not the user will stack it with other steroids. Test E is often stacked with Deca durabolin or dianabol which when taken together make up a powerful bulking steroid stack. Those who are more interested in cutting will stack Test E with Equipoise or Trenbolone. Cutting stacks with Test E can also include, Anavar, winstrol and Primobolan. Muscle gains are dose dependant with Test E, the more you take the more muscle you will gain. Its great for increasing strength. You will be able to lift heavier weights and for longer periods in the gym. Buy Test Enanthate to pack on explosive power and speed and stamina.

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Testoviron Price

The great news is that Test E as well as being one of the most powerful steroids is also quite cheap compared to the likes of Deca Durabolin and Primobolin. Prices are usually around $4-46 per 250mg amp. Even the sought after Testoviron  Depot, considered by many to be the best brand of Test E can be found for $6-7 per 250mg amp.

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Turinabol will not cause water bloating

A Turinabol Cycle will not produce Estrogen

Turinabol is often compared to dianabol. And while chemically it may be similar. In the gym its a different beast. While dbol will increase size and strength quite quickly. Turinabol will do  it at a slower rate. Although the the good thing about turinabol is that it wont convert to estrogen. So, no need to worry about water retention or the dreaded bitch tit (gyno) This helps if you want a sculpted defined body, showing off each muscle without a bloated water layer covering it. If this is what your looking for a turinabol cycle could be for you. Buy turinabol if you are looking to get that cut, ripped look.

Turinabol was used by East German athletes of the 70’s

Turinabol Dosage

The turinabol dosage depends on what your goals are. Its said to be dose dependent so higher doses will give greater effect. Sounds obvious right? but this is not the way all steroids work. But the average turinabol dosage of 30-60mg per day for 6-8 weks was found to produce noticeable results. The side effects are linked to the turinabol dosage. It can be harmful to the liver taken in very high doses. So this is something you need to be aware are if you buy turinabol. It can also cause virilisation or increased masculinity so perhaps its not for women. There was also one report of turinabol causing testicular cancer in one user who had been taking it for long periods of time at high doses. The gains are said to be easier to keep hold of with turinabol than with other similar steroids such as dianabol. When planning your turinabol cycle you should bare in mind that you will need to some PCT. Nolvadex is a good option as this will get your testosterone production started again.

Its probably not a good idea to buy Turinabol if you are a woman

A turinabol cycle is best taken by men. It has too many side effects for women to take safely. In fact it was this steroid which caused a lot of the East German female athletes of the 70’s to develop male characteristics.

Stanzol winstrol tablets uses in bodybuilding

Buy winstrol tablets


These are a popular brand of winstrol tablets. Azolol is the choice of many body builders due to the fact that it causes an increase in strength without excessive weight gain, it will not convert to estrogen or cause water retention and is therefore used to promote lean muscle mass and get rid of fat at the same time. The usual dose is approx 10-30mg per day but up to 50mg is fine. Azolol can and is usually “stacked” with other steroids. Buy winstrol for strength and great definition.

winstrol azolol
Azolol are winstrol tablets made by British Dispensary

Azolol is made by British Dispensary  who are a trusted brand, these winstrol tablets come packed in the same plastic containers that British Dispensary Androlic does, its just that the label is changed and of course the product from Androlic tablets to Winstrol tablets.

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Winstrol tablets are known by other names

Winstrol tablets are also known by the more correct scientific name of Stanozolol, or sometimes shortened to Stanzol. Winstrol Depot was the first brand of Stanozolol (which was initially injectable only) to come onto the market in the 60’s and so the name stuck. And its much easier to pronounce than Stanozolol. The tablets are not as effective as the injections. In fact the tablets are quite mild compared to the injectable version of winstrol.

Stanozolol tablets have been modified to pass through the liver

Winstrol tablets are different than the injections in that they have been modified chemically to with stand the first pass through the liver and so not get broken down and excreted too quickly by the body before they can have any effect.

The modification is not really of any worry for those concerned about liver damage and winstrol tablets are known to be mild on the liver as well as a generally mild steroids which is suitable for both men and women.

Buy Roids for muscle

Buy Roids

Roids or steroids as they are more properly known cover a wide range of products abused for non medical reasons by body builders. Bodybuilders buy roids to gain muscle and mass which they ordinarily would not be able to to via natural methods. They take roids to get past the glass ceiling in muscle growth and get to the next level.

Roid Rage

Roids have often been associated with aggressive behaviour and this has become known as roid rage. Its primarily caused by an excess of testosterone in the system which can lead to uncontrolled aggression. A lot of people using roids would dispute that such a condition even exists. They often say that roid rage has never affected them. However sometimes aggressive behaviour caused by roids is not often recognised in the user. Roid rage, or lets say slightly aggressive behaviour, however can be noticed by friends and family in the user. Some steroids are more notorious for causing this condition. Those which more closely resemble testosterone such as Testoviron are associated with it. Oxymetholone is an oral steroids which rumours of roid rage have followed for years.

Milder Steroids

These are ones which dont cause some much combativeness in the user. Anavar and oral winstrol are known to be steroids which will not lead to a rise in violence even in women. Buy roids of this type if you want to avoid aggressive behaviour.Its not a given that someone using steroids will automatically start showing signs of roid rage. Those who are generally easy going or who “have a long fuse” seem unaffected by it. Its seems those who have a tendency to violence and who could cause trouble in an empty room will generally be the ones affected by steroids in this way. Roids are a a perfectly good way to get ahead in the gym. Steroids often get a bad reputation because of a few bad apples who are aggressive without steroids anyway.


Andriol good for keeping up testosterone levels

Andriol Testocaps

Andriol should never be chewed, it must reach the lower gut in one piece to be absorbed properly

For many bodybuilders who are looking to put on significant amounts of muscle and strength in a short period of time, there is a major stumbling block which makes achieving this goals far more difficult: low levels of testosterone! Having enough testosterone in your body is critical in order to be a successful bodybuilder because without ample levels of the hormone it is extremely difficult for even the hardest-training of bodybuilders to put on noticeable amounts of muscle.

Andriol Testocaps maintain testosterone levels

Furthermore, many bodybuilders who have gained muscle over a period of years, later find that they quickly lose those hard-earned gains if their testosterone levels are low. For this reason and many others, including maintaining a healthy sex drive and aiding bone health, it is vital to keep your testosterone levels at an adequate level. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to take supplements, such as Andriol Testocaps.What Causes Testosterone Levels To Fall Over Time?Many experienced bodybuilders will be happy to share with you the simple fact that it becomes progressively more difficult to grow and maintain muscle over time, regardless of how much time you put in at the gym and how well you look after yourself.

Testosterone levels decline as we get older

One of the principles reasons is that testosterone levels begin to decline as people get older. This is partly due to the natural ageing process; however, it is also thought to have a significant connection with many of the hormones used in the process of food production, the chemical products we use to clean our homes and our overexposure to electrical appliances in modern life. While it is worrying that there are additional factors which reduce our testosterone levels, and thus our bodybuilding performance, the good news is that these can be counteracted by taking in extra testosterone to top our levels up using products like Andriol Testocaps.

Benefits Of Andriol Testocaps For Body Builders

Organon Andriol testocaps

For bodybuilders, the benefits of regularly taking Andriol Testocaps can be seen in a wide range of areas related directly to putting on muscle, as well as aiding the person taking them to experience a better quality of life overall. Firstly, increased testosterone levels will aid the synthesis of muscle protein and make it easier for you to grow muscle. Secondly, higher testosterone levels will reduce the overall breakdown of muscle glycogen in your body when you work out. Thirdly, you will likely experience an increase in your energy levels which will make it easier for you to carry out more strenuous workouts. Of course, it is important to have your testosterone levels regularly monitored to make sure that, after starting a supplement like Andriol Testocaps, you continue to take the right dose over time.

Shop anavar tablets information

Buy Anavar

Anavar Explained

Lets look at the steroid Anavar’s profile. Anavar is a type of oral anabolic steroid that has become particularly popular with bodybuilders in recent years. Anavar is also known as Oxandrolone and the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 classifies it as a non-narcotic Schedule III controlled substance. People buy Anavar  as its unique in that it has the ability to inhibit muscle catabolism, which prevents the body’s muscles from breaking down.Anavar is very mild compared to most other types of anabolic steroids. One of the main benefits of Anavar over other types of steroids is that it is not as harmful to the body in both the long term and the short term. In fact, Anavar is so safe that it is actually used as a liver treatment for recovering alcoholics.People who buy anavar can do so without fear of liver damage.

Anavar great for cutting

Anavar will not turn you into a mass monster

Although people who buy Anavar do not tend to produce a large amount of lean muscle tissue, it does produce solid muscle tissue. This steroid is produces significant metabolic activity and muscle preservation benefits. To put it another way, Anavar helps to reduce body fat without destroying muscle tissue. This means that people who take Anavar have enhanced muscle definition, as the fat around the muscles melts away while these muscles remain strong and firm.

Anavar is great for burning fat

Anavar is now quite affordable

Anavar particularly targets the fat in the abdomen and thigh areas. This fat is notorious stubborn and is difficult to burn through traditional dieting and exercise. In addition, people who take Anavar report that they gain strength which, when used with a regular weight training programme, can elevate the results and produce lean, tight bodies with good muscle tone.

While many other types of steroids also provide gains in muscle size and general body bulk, these gains tend to be short lived. In fact, they not only tend to stop once a person stops taking the steroid, the individual may even that their body starts to reduce in size. However, the effects of Anavar last longer than most other types of steroids, while the gain is not water weight gain but genuine muscle gain. Buy anavar to build quality long lasting muscle.

Anavar can be used in a cycle

Anavar has an active life cycle of between eight to twelve weeks and is detectable for up to three weeks. This detectable period is particularly short when compared to many other steroids, while there are few side effects associated with Anavar, most of which are very mild.

Anavar comes as many different brands Oxavar by Unigen is one of them

One of the other great things about Anavar is that it improves the calcium content of bones as well as the body’s bone density. This means that it helps bones that have become injured or broken to repair more quickly. Because of this, Anavar is often prescribed to athletes who have been injured and need to recover quickly.

However, it is not only athletes and people who spend time pumping iron in the gym who can reap the benefits of Anavar. This anabolic steroid is also prescribed to HIV/AIDS patients who suffer from muscle wasting. Many doctors also recommend that patients take Anavar after extensive surgery, chronic infections and severe trauma. Hospitals buy anavar for these reasons.

Anavar is being increasingly used to treat people with severe burns due to the fact that it offers significant increases in muscle mass and body composition. Some doctors are also prescribing Anavar to patients who suffer from health complications like anaemia, Turner syndrome and alcoholic hepatitis. As more research is done into the positive effects of Anavar, it is coming to light that this medication can be used to effectively treat or at least minimise the symptoms of other diseases such as osteoporosis in women and Grave’s disease. To buy anavar simply contact us using the contact form.

Recent research indicates that Anavar may play a significant role in lowering cholesterol. In a time when more than 25% of the adult population of most Western countries on average suffer from high cholesterol, this could turn out to be a significant discovery that could improve the health of millions of people around the world.

Buy Anavar for both sexes

One of the things that makes Anavar stand out from most of the other types of steroids on the market is that it can be used by both men and women. Anavar is not associated with the suppression of the production of testosterone and other natural hormones of the body. In addition, unlike other steroids, Anavar does not have a negative impact on the skin. Side effects such as oily skin, acne and eczema that are commonly experienced by people who take other types of steroids are not reported by those who take Anavar.

In recent years many types of steroids have come under fire and are widely frowned upon, both by official sporting bodies and society in general. However, when all of the benefits of Anavar are taken into consideration, especially those relating to bone density improvement and cell rejuvenation, it would seem that Anavar is an exception to this category and provides people who want to lose wait while gaining muscle with a safe and easy option. Buy anavar for these great benefits.

Equipoise Boldenone profile

Equipoise is also known as Boldenone Undecylenate

Boldenone undecylate, also known as Equipoise, has historically been used as a veterinary steroid initially in Mexico. Boldenone has been known to improve growth and feed conversion rates in cattle resulting in better meat production. The drug is only slightly structurally different from testosterone. The two substances, however, have very marked differences in their effect on metabolism .Boldenone has, however, become available as an UGL in human beings as well. There is little reason to use Equipoise anabolically presently, since anything it can do, human steroids such as Trenbolone, Deca, Masteron, and Primobolan can do, too. In terms of potential side effects, it’s not better than Primobolan or Masteron, unless it’s only used occasionally to boost the user’s appetite. Nevertheless, the drug is effective when used without any other aromatising (being used at the same time). Its chief advantage is its ability to boost the user’s appetite; something it does better than most other steroids. People buy boldenone undecylenate to increase appetite.

There are many brands of Equipoise

Boldenone Undecylenate

Boldenone is sometimes medically prescribed for patients that are suffering from severe muscular atrophy or muscle wasting. Patients who remain bed-ridden for long or suffer extended illnesses usually exhibit a significant loss of muscle mass. Buy boldenone undecylenate for increased red blood cells. Boldenone allows the patients to gradually gain muscle mass without suffering the severe side effects common with many steroids. Equipoise is also used to promote erythropoietin (EPO) stimulating factor which stimulates bone marrow growth and leads to higher production of red blood cells – the body’s chief oxygen carriers.

Effectiveness of Equipoise

Equipoise can certainly be put to good use in a steroid cycle. Its potency is comparable to many other injectable steroids, though substantially less than that of Trenbolone. Addition of the 400mg/week provides a substantial boost to many other cycles. Equipoise has a longer half-life of 12 days, which is much longer than that of many other steroids. The results of this chief characteristic of the drug is that it lasts much longer in the body at lower dosages than what is necessary for optimal anabolic use, yet high enough to allow recovery to occur. An effective way to counter this is to use Equipoise only during the early stages of a cycle.


Although Boldenone is used to build muscles, the effect of the steroid is relatively mild and takes a few weeks before results are seen. But, unlike many other steroids, there is less water gain that accompanies muscle growth after using Boldenone, and the muscle gains tend to remain longer even after use of the steroid is discontinued. If your looking to buy equipoise please remember boldenone and equipoise are the same product.

Buy boldenone undecylenate for front loading. To increase the effectiveness of equipoise, users sometimes use a strategy known as front loading. This involves taking about 2.7-2.8 times the normal weekly amount. This means that for somebody who intends to use 200mg of Boldenone per week, he or she instead uses 900mg during the first week. Front loading is known to reduce the time required for the desired effects of Boldenone to be realised. For faster gains, Equipoise can also be used with the propionate ester.

Ganabol was originally meant for cattle

For men, the average dose is 400 mg-600mg per week, though some men take as much as 1,000 mg per week. Such high doses should, however, be used with cycle aids. For women, 25mg-50mg is considered enough, and the drug discontinued if the user notices any severe side effects.

If you use boldenone undecylenate you must be aware of the side effects.

The side effects of Equipoise are relatively mild compared to many other steroids. Equipoise is metabolised by aromatase enzyme into estradiol, but to a markedly lesser degree than testosterone. This reduces the aestrogen-related side effects such as gynecomastia , or breast enlargement in men. Other Equipoise side effects include unnatural hair growth, acne, oily skin, hoarseness, and deepening of voice. The drug is known to cause bad acne breakouts in the chest, back and shoulder areas of the user. It is recommended to use an anti-acne and anti-bacterial soap when you buy boldenone undecylenate.

Boldenone can be stacked with other steroids

Equipoise is frequently used in combination with other steroids such as Trenbolone. Doing this allows the user to use lower dosages of Trenbolone while still retaining the anabolic effects of a higher dose. Boldenone is also used with Masteron or Primobolan instead of testosterone. Generally, however, Boldenone is not used a lot as a first-call steroid; not because it does not work well, but rather due to the fact that there are other steroids that work well over the overall cycle. Buy boldenone undecylenate for stacking with other steroids.

Boldenone Detection Times

Perhaps one of the not-so-good attributes of Boldenone is its ability to remain in the body for so long in levels that can be detected by medical tests. If you buy boldenone undecylenate you should be aware of this. The long ester chain bonded to boldenone means that it takes about 6 weeks for the body to eliminate it, but can take as long as 16-18 months after initial detection. This is because the drug can be stored in the body’s fatty deposits and sit there for many months.

Dianabol oral steroid info

Dianabol Explained

Dianabol is perhaps the most well-known oral anabolic steroid currently on the market. Sometimes known as “D-Ball” or simply “D”, this substance can actually be traced as far back as 1956. It was initially developed to be used by Olympic athletes during competitions against the Soviet Union. Due to considerably large gains in both strength and endurance, Dianabol quickly spread into the worlds of bodybuilding and weight training. During the 1970s, many famous bodybuilders would use this supplement during their pre-contest competition preparations. In fact, Dianabol was the most prevalent steroid during the so-called “golden age” of bodybuilding. So, what are some of its main advantages?


Danabol DS is just another brand name for dianabol

Use Without Other Steroids

“Stacking” is quite common in the bodybuilding world; added size and strength can often be increased even further when two or more substances are used in synergy. However, the chemical nature of Dianabol enables it to be used alone. This is quite rare and in many ways, less of a long-term danger is posed when compared to the stresses that the body can be placed under when using multiple oral doses or injections.

Fat-Free Mass

From the point of view of the user, the primary advantage that is seen with Dianabol is its innate ability to add lean muscular mass without the fat. While all steroids will increase protein synthesis, it also has the effect of bolstering what is known as glycogenesis. In simpler terms, this signifies that the carbohydrates which enter into the body can be used more efficiently. Thus, higher levels of energy can be enjoyed during difficult workout sessions. So, Dianabol is extremely effective when an athlete is within a bulking phase.

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Nitrogen Retention

We must also recognise that nitrogen plays an important role in building muscle. As it is directly involved in the transport of nutrients into the muscle tissue, this advantage becomes obvious. However, nitric oxide is also a powerful substance which dilates blood vessels. This will further aid in oxygen transport. While there are several natural supplements which mimic this effect, Dianabol is much stronger of a means to bolster nitrogen retention.

The Role in Dieting

Although most athletes will prefer a rather “clean” diet, this can place an additional amount of stress upon the muscles of the body. When they are starved of calories and carbohydrates, catabolism may occur. In simpler terms, this signifies that the body may actually begin breaking down muscle in order to produce the energy that is necessary to meet rigourous demands. Dianabol will help counteract this possibility which is another reason why it is frequently used during one’s “cutting” phase before a show. Also, the aforementioned advantage of enabling greater levels of glycogenesis will help one to not feel fatigued during particularly difficult time periods.

Bridging the Gap

It is very normal for one to cycle steroids; this can be defined in terms of weeks or months. Once one cycles down, the lack of some steroids can have the effect of reducing levels of strength or size. Dianabol can be used to “bridge” the gap between two cycles. Why is this so important? Should it be employed, one can rest assured that any gains made will be left intact until the next cycle begins. Once a new cycle commences, the Dianabol can either be taken alongside other chemicals or entirely replaced with a similar compound.

Stacking with Dianabol

While we have already seen that Dianabol can be taken alone, most will opt to stack it with other options. However, another distinct advantage here is that a cutting agent will not normally be needed (such as Clenbuterol, for example). This is considered much safer than larger steroid “cocktails” that always run the risk of somewhat adverse short-term side effects. Thus, Dianabol can be seen as safer when used in a stack. In fact, it is not entirely uncommon for one to forgo any fat reducer and instead combine Dianabol with a testosterone booster such as Sustanon.

The Oral Edge

A final factor that should be mentioned is that when taken in the appropriate dosages, an oral steroid can be viewed as being safer than an injection. There are less chances of liver or kidney damage and as opposed to an injection, the levels of water retention are lower (this will naturally depend upon one’s diet as well).

So, it is clear to appreciate some of the most pronounced benefits when cycling with oral Dianabol. Like any such substance, it should be taken only by those who are informed and have sought out the opinion of trained experts in the field. Still, the results which can be observed are indeed impressive. These are some of the primary reasons why Dianabol has been enjoyed for well over fifty years.

Stanzol and winstrol contain the same steroid

Stanzol or Oral Winstrol Depot


Stanzol (proper name Stanozolol ) is the oral form of the injectable anabolic steroid, Winstrol Depot. This man-made dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative is widely used to enhance athletic ability and rev up muscle mass, at the expense of body fat. The use of Stanozolol in prescribed dosages has proven to be quite beneficial, especially for body-builders, athletes, as well as fitness enthusiasts looking to shed excess weight. However, abuse of this drug, just like any other potent steroid, is likely to cause mild to severe consequences.

Stanzol is contains the active ingredient stanozolol which is the same active ingredient found in Winstrol

It also finds use in treating several medical conditions such as angioedema, a hereditary problem that triggers subcutaneous tissue swelling in different parts of the body; osteoporosis; and anaemia.

Benefits of Stanozolol or Oral Winstrol Depot for Body-Builders and Athletes

Stanozolol is also often stacked with other steroid formulations to achieve specific fitness objectives. It is ideally used with testosterone drugs to achieve bulk. It has been observed to offer several benefits, significant ones being listed here. While the drug serves mainly to address cutting cycle, it definitely enhances the effectiveness of other concurrently used steroids.

Winstrol Bio Availability

Oral Winstrol Depot does get not fully metabolised in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It survives the “first pass” through the gut and the liver to inhibit sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) production to move on the blood stream. The resulting anabolic effects of this drug are higher when compared to its androgenic influence, making the product also suitable for women when used in the right dose.

Stanzol Boosts Levels of Free Testosterone

The primary male hormone, testosterone, is mainly responsible for aggression, high activity levels and muscle gain. However, a major part of the testosterone in the body is bound to the glycoprotein SHBG generated in the liver, to facilitate its transportation throughout the body. Testosterone in this bound form loses its anabolic potency. Stanozolol helps reduce the production of SHBG and cuts down bonding, increasing the levels of free testosterone in the body. Lowering the SHBG levels has also been found to be effective in increasing the potency of stacked steroids. Oral Winstrol Depot is reportedly four times more effective in controlling SHBG production when compared to the injectable alternative. This is because the oral dose first passes through the liver, before reaching the blood stream.

Stanzol is not Aromatised

Several anabolic steroids aromatise or get converted into aestrogen (female hormone) when processed by the aromatase enzyme. Such steroids ideally demand the use of a suitable anti-aestrogen formulation to prevent aestrogen buildup, which is likely to result in female qualities, such as soft skin or breast formation in males (gynecomastia). High aestrogen levels are also known to cause water retention in the body, leading to weight gain that proves quite detrimental for athletic pursuits.

Stanzol, however, cannot be aromatised, simply means that there is no worry about estrogen buildup and its side effects, or having to use anti-aestrogens when using this drug. It is also reported to be anti-progesteronic – limits progesterone binding, again minimising feminine qualities to render a strong male physique. The steroid also doubles up as a diuretic, flushing toxins, and draining excess water from the body.

No Virilisation with stanzol

Women users need to keep a careful tab on the dosage. Although the steroid does not trigger any virilisation during the usage cycle, resorting to sub-standard products or over dosage can prove detrimental. However, excess testosterone build-up and low levels of SHBG in women can trigger several complications, such as irregular menstrual cycles, voice changes, etc.

Weight Loss and Lean Muscle Gain with Stanzol

Stanzol is primarily effective in the cutting cycle, given the fact that steroid therapy happens in discrete cycles of gain and loss of bulk. The drug’s tendency to enhance protein synthesis is the secret behind lean muscle gain. However, the injectable version proves to be a more effective alternative to gain bulk because of higher nitrogen retention, which is known to aid formation of muscle tissue.

Improved Overall Fitness

Body builders and athletes benefit from Stanozolol as it works to strengthen and preserve muscles while aiding loss of excess fat. Strong tendons and ligaments, an increase in RBC (red blood cells) count, well-cut physique, and high activity levels are usually achieved during a span of 4-6 weeks of using this steroid.

This steroid, like most others, proves beneficial only when used in prescribed doses and notably for not more than 6 weeks at a stretch. Oral Winstrol Depot has proved to be an effective, pre-contest drug for both body-builders and athletes looking to progressively build up their strength and physique in the few weeks that precede the event. Prescribed doses of 15-20 mg a day for men and 5-10 mg a day for women are considered quite effective. Combining Stanozolol along with other suitable anabolic steroids to gain, lose, or maintain weight is the best way to moderate, as well as maximise their effects. Using testosterone or diabonol to add bulk and trenbolone or another non-aromatiser during dieting stages are known to pay off.

It is important to note that Stanozolol is toxic to the liver and can interfere with the lipid profile drastically. Though proven effective and beneficial, supervised use is recommended to avoid any adverse effects.