Nolvadex contains tamoxifen

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Tamoxifen Citrate goes under the brand name Nolvadex

Tamoxifen citrate is a drug which is really meant to treat breast cancer in women. But whose properties have been found useful by the bodybuilding community. Well, those that use steroids in the bodybuilding community that is. Tamoxifen  is useful to those using steroids in a number of ways. Firstly is blocks the action of estrogen. Tamoxifen also helps natural testosterone production kick start after suppression because of taking steroids.

Buy tamoxifen citrate. It goes under the brand name Nolvadex


Estrogen is a by product of taking steroids

Some steroids can be converted to estrogen in the body by a naturally occurring enzyme named aromatase. Its the estrogen which can cause water retention and also some fat deposits under the skin. But the worst thing estrogen can do is encourage the formation of breast tissue in males. Obviously this is bad especially when you know that breast tissue formed in this way can only be removed by surgery. The great thing about tamoxifen citrate is that it stops estrogen having any effect. Your body will still have levels of estrogen present but the tamoxifen citrate will prevent it working its evil. It does this by blocking the receptor sites for the estrogen molecule.

Tamoxifen will help you normalise after taking steroids

When you take steroids your body will stop production of your natural testosterone. It does this because it thinks there is excess testosterone in your system because of the presence of steroids. So, when you finish your steroid course your body will be testosterone free until your natural production starts again. Which can take weeks. During this time you can lose some of your muscle gains by the action of catabolism or muscle break down. Having no testosterone is also not good for your libido. The doses for tamoxifen should be from 10-60mg. If you can its best to take nolvadex at the same time as the steroids. But it should definitely be taken after the steroid cycle finishes. You should take the tamoxifen from 1-14 days after the steroid cycle depending on which steroid you took.

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