Stanzol winstrol tablets uses in bodybuilding

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These are a popular brand of winstrol tablets. Azolol is the choice of many body builders due to the fact that it causes an increase in strength without excessive weight gain, it will not convert to estrogen or cause water retention and is therefore used to promote lean muscle mass and get rid of fat at the same time. The usual dose is approx 10-30mg per day but up to 50mg is fine. Azolol can and is usually “stacked” with other steroids. Buy winstrol for strength and great definition.

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Azolol are winstrol tablets made by British Dispensary

Azolol is made by British Dispensary  who are a trusted brand, these winstrol tablets come packed in the same plastic containers that British Dispensary Androlic does, its just that the label is changed and of course the product from Androlic tablets to Winstrol tablets.

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Winstrol tablets are known by other names

Winstrol tablets are also known by the more correct scientific name of Stanozolol, or sometimes shortened to Stanzol. Winstrol Depot was the first brand of Stanozolol (which was initially injectable only) to come onto the market in the 60’s and so the name stuck. And its much easier to pronounce than Stanozolol. The tablets are not as effective as the injections. In fact the tablets are quite mild compared to the injectable version of winstrol.

Stanozolol tablets have been modified to pass through the liver

Winstrol tablets are different than the injections in that they have been modified chemically to with stand the first pass through the liver and so not get broken down and excreted too quickly by the body before they can have any effect.

The modification is not really of any worry for those concerned about liver damage and winstrol tablets are known to be mild on the liver as well as a generally mild steroids which is suitable for both men and women.