Turinabol will not cause water bloating

A Turinabol Cycle will not produce Estrogen

Turinabol is often compared to dianabol. And while chemically it may be similar. In the gym its a different beast. While dbol will increase size and strength quite quickly. Turinabol will do  it at a slower rate. Although the the good thing about turinabol is that it wont convert to estrogen. So, no need to worry about water retention or the dreaded bitch tit (gyno) This helps if you want a sculpted defined body, showing off each muscle without a bloated water layer covering it. If this is what your looking for a turinabol cycle could be for you. Buy turinabol if you are looking to get that cut, ripped look.

Turinabol was used by East German athletes of the 70’s

Turinabol Dosage

The turinabol dosage depends on what your goals are. Its said to be dose dependent so higher doses will give greater effect. Sounds obvious right? but this is not the way all steroids work. But the average turinabol dosage of 30-60mg per day for 6-8 weks was found to produce noticeable results. The side effects are linked to the turinabol dosage. It can be harmful to the liver taken in very high doses. So this is something you need to be aware are if you buy turinabol. It can also cause virilisation or increased masculinity so perhaps its not for women. There was also one report of turinabol causing testicular cancer in one user who had been taking it for long periods of time at high doses. The gains are said to be easier to keep hold of with turinabol than with other similar steroids such as dianabol. When planning your turinabol cycle you should bare in mind that you will need to some PCT. Nolvadex is a good option as this will get your testosterone production started again.

Its probably not a good idea to buy Turinabol if you are a woman

A turinabol cycle is best taken by men. It has too many side effects for women to take safely. In fact it was this steroid which caused a lot of the East German female athletes of the 70’s to develop male characteristics.